eXperimental Computing Facility

University of California at Berkeley


XCF, the eXperimental Computing Facility at UC Berkeley, is a small undergraduate student organization with members who share a keen interest in a blend of computer science and engineering.

Founded in 1986, XCF started as a way for a few hackers to develop useful software and offer computing assistance on campus. Several XCF projects and contributions, such as NNTP, combating the Morris Worm, ViolaWWW, GIMP/GTK, PRCS, and Gnutella became significant in their own right. For more information on the past exploits of the XCF, take a look through our history.

Today, after several years, the XCF is being reborn. The quantity and magnitude of advances in computer science and engineering that have occurred since the heyday of the XCF have rendered an unparalleled and unique opportunity for the kind of visionary software engineering that the XCF of old was renowned for.

While we re-tool and rebuild our infrastructure, the XCF is co-sponsoring a DeCal on UNIX System Administration along with our sister organization, the Open Computing Facility. We also help run AS394119.

For more information on the current status of the XCF and what we are working on, or to join the XCF, please contact us or drop by the OCF Lab in 171 MLK, where most XCF members can usually be found.


What are you working on?

At present, the XCF is seeking project proposals and working on internal infrastructure projects.

We co-sponsor a DeCal on Linux Systems Administration, and help run AS394119.

If you have are interesting in having the XCF sponsor your project, please contact us.

Contact us

Ways to get in touch with us:

  • Email: info at xcf dot berkeley dot edu
  • IRC: irc.ocf.berkeley.edu, channel #xcf
  • In person: 171 MLK Student Union, UC Berkeley